Season’s Greetings

Season's Greetings

I wish us all Peace, Health, and Happiness!

(Please help at least one poor family during these holidays.)


Why Balloons?

I recently changed my blog theme. Well, I didn’t have one before, really…

I mean, I really didn’t have a blog, either! I just had the account sitting there, idle, waiting for me to do something with it.

Well, the time came when I needed to promote my new business adventure and I decided to use social media. So I revisited all my s.m. accounts – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.- including this blog.

It was then when I decided this blog – in difference with my other social media – I want to use it NOT for promoting my business, but for something more personal: as an outlet to express myself, a vehicle of communicating my ideas to other people interested in reading my posts.

And that is why I chose the “balloons” theme. It’s a simple and direct way to communicate my outlook for life: positive, simple, optimistic. Like balloons, I like my ideas to “float” in the air for people to catch. Some might like them, some might not. That’s up to them.

My interest is in expressing them.

Happy reading.